Our Mission

Our Mission

Institutional-scale web3 gaming has arrived, and we’re the only platform already live and onboarding millions in assets via hierarchical delegation and game-agnostic accounting. The future of gaming management has arrived.

The Rise of Web3 Gaming & Guilds

Gaming has always been a universal method of relaxation, but the advent of web3 and the power of distributed blockchain have pushed it to evolve into so much more. Web3 gaming allows players to truly own their digital assets and take command of the parts of games that they contribute to the most. This empowers players to share in the success of franchises that they dedicate their time and passion to, and additionally also allows games to drive viral adoption loops through truly aligned gameplay advocacy.

While many different models of web3 games will emerge, a central thematic component of new-age “digital ownership” is the concept of value. In-game items, contests, or creations have some value, as determined by a combination of social perception and intrinsic utility, and that value can generally be freely traded on some external marketplaces or otherwise exchanged. This necessarily implies that certain in-game items or experiences will be cheap, and others will be expensive. This is where guilds step in.

Guilds leverage their organizational breadth and capital to access certain valuable resources or opportunities in games that may be otherwise out of reach for ordinary players. By pooling assets and then allocating those precious resources to key talented players inside of their organizations, guilds are able to access higher returns from their participation inside of web3 gaming ecosystems than single players otherwise could. These organizations, just like massive WoW merchant guilds and EVE corporations, will forever persist inside of gaming environments, and will continually seek to drive maximally efficient strategies for the sake of competition. It is these organizations, both large and small, that the Kapital DAO is here to support, and it is our dedicated mission to ensure that such guilds scale infinitely and responsibly alongside the game worlds that we all must steward together.

Enter the Kapital DAO

We intend to onboard the next 1 billion people into web3 gaming, and we know the secret sauce is in providing the right infrastructure to guilds, games, and players, and letting them do what they do best, and then getting out of the way. Here’s the short version:

1. For Guilds

We enable guilds to deploy institutional capital efficiently.

We have launched the first institutional-scale asset management platform that supports scaling to millions of assets. Our hierarchical delegation technology means that you can nominate managers to trustlessly operate at infinite scale on your behalf, while automating all of the sticky bits around scholarships across multiple game ecosystems. That leaves you to just focus on improving the player experience, and not fighting accounting mechanisms on the blockchain. This is all already live, and you can sign up here, or learn more.

Bonus: We’ve also built out a one-click DAO deployment suite, which enables anyone to deploy a tokenized DAO at scale with complete on-chain governance and staking UIs. Go from zero to hero in less than five minutes with a full guild management, token, and staking setup ready to go.

2. For Games

We put games in front of guilds and open the floodgates to tons of players.

Games that get listed inside of our protocol immediately increase their organic reach by being placed within the same management framework as some of the largest players in the space. Plus, we’re completely chain-agnostic, and enable guilds to deploy assets regardless of the ecosystem that your game happens to be in. That type of improved institutional access is exactly the catalyst that the web3 gaming space is looking for in order to take us from a few mom-and-pop shop small guilds into massive firms entering the space.

Our solution is game agnostic. What does that mean? Most guilds have to create specific sub-communities (sometimes, sub-DAOs) and (usually manual) operational systems for each game they engage with. On the other hand, we’ve built a comprehensive set of dev tools to enable any web3-enabled game to onboard itself onto our protocol. This translates to instant support for scholarship and admin ops for such onboarded games for any guild using our protocol, which means guilds can spend less time doing manual blockchain accounting, and more time hosting esports tournaments on Twitch and driving real user interaction inside game environments.

3. For Players

We put players in the driver’s seat to choose the games and guilds that work for them.

Within our protocol, players can easily pick up scholarships that have been posted by participating guilds and start earning immediately thanks to our proprietary wallet node technology. Additionally, because our accounting system is sufficiently complex, we can dynamically reward players with performance bonuses based on how well they exceed certain manager-determined metrics. Furthermore, since the protocol is completely trustless, any player can become a manager (and they’re encouraged to do so), and can then be entitled to receive some percentage of the earnings of the players they manage.

Oh, and as a neat bonus, every user receives an evolving soulbound NFT that grows as you perform within the protocol. It actually morphs through different custom hand-drawn rankings and perk sets. It’s awesome.

Shape The Future Of Web3 Gaming in a Real DAO

Kapital DAO is the leading provider of institutional-scale web3 asset management solutions, and this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor. We’re a real DAO — through and through, the KAP token holders have ownership and voting rights in Kapital DAO to help us shape the future of this new and evolving space. All on-chain, with provable ownership.

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